Natural Hairstyle for Short HairNot all people learn to appreciate naturally curly hair. Often times, we always see the troubles our natural hair brings us. When you have a naturally curly hair, you may feel that there are not a lot of versatile and impressive hairstyles that you can do for your hair or you may think that your hair is very difficult to style. Let us change these stereotypes and learn to appreciate our god-given hair locks. Whether you have a very short haircut or a medium length hair, there is a suitable style Read more [...]
Black Braided HairstylesYou probably know how to make the most common braided hairstyle in the world, the three-strand braid. However, did you know there are many other types of braid out there that can complement your curly hair. There are braided buns, dutch braid, french braid, fishtail, corn rows, and many more. There are easy braided hairstyles and there are also intricately designed braids that follow a detailed pattern. Here we collected the best black braided hairstyles this 2015. Some of you may be dreaming Read more [...]
Short-Angled-Bob-HairstyleShort hairstyle is becoming a hot trend not only to old women but also to women of the younger generation. Who would not love it for its added comfort and ease in styling? More and more teens and adults are trying out the new look because it is being popularized by hot Hollywood celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, and Miley Cyrus. Every time a woman looks into the mirror, she always thinks of how she can look fashionable and trendy at some point. The great thing about short hairstyles Read more [...]
screenshot_57Women are not the only one interested making themselves look good. It does not matter whether they want to look good or just be neat. Completely nothing wrong with that, as we all want to look good and feel good about ourselves. Nothing is wrong being vain, it just normal for humanity to look at their best all the time. There are many styles men could choose from and those choices are truly nice and stylish. There are simple, neat, but just like women’s hairstyle there are fabulous and grand. Here Read more [...]
black girl wedding hairLadies, are you excited for that most awaited event of your lives? Who would not? But have you ever thought about what would be the best hairstyle suited on your wedding day? Do not get jealous of those brides to be that have long hair, short hair girls could always stand out and look at their best on their wedding day. There are too any hairstyle out there that could make you look like a queen, any hairstyle, any length of hair should not let you down, all you need to do just believes in your crowning Read more [...]
Highlights-for-Curly-Hair-You want to make your life colorful? Then better start with your hair, any color, any shades would perfectly fit anyone but make sure bring that crowning glory with confidence. Highlights will not just add volume to your hair, but it will also add beauty to your face, as most of the time color of your hair will add glow to your face. Choosing the right color would be dependent not on your complexion, but how confident you are wearing the highlights of your choice. Make it strikingly nice with Read more [...]